James Richard Paschall, son of Hansel Paschall and Polly Smith , was born in December, 1826 in Guilford,NC. He married Anna Hinshaw June 21, 1851 in Grai,TN. He died aft. 1893 in Grai,TN. Anna Hinshaw.

Children of James Richard Paschall and Anna Hinshaw are:

1. Alexander Paschall, b. 1852
2. Thomas Franklin Paschall, b. in February, 1855 See Thomas Franklin Paschall & Martha Cordelia Henderson OR Thomas Franklin Paschall & Cartie
3. Joseph Paschall, b. 1857
4. Samuel Paschall, b. in May, 1860 See Samuel Paschall & Lady H
5. James Paschall, b. 1863
6. Mary D Paschall, b. 1866 See unk Rogers & Mary D Paschall
7. Emeline Paschall, b. 1868
8. Josephine Paschall, b. 1872 See unk Webster & Josephine Paschall

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Notes for James Richard Paschall:

!1850 Hawk/TN 12th #69-wife and Fanny, D425
1851 Grai/TN to Grai; pension rec, 1893; has bp/date
1860 Grai/TN 8th #992-wife/5 ch
1861 Grai/TN Enlisted CSA
1870 Grai/TN 9th #95-wife/5 ch
1880 Grai/TN 2nd #68-wife/6 ch/2 gsons
1893 Grai/TN Beans Sta; pension appl, CSA, #1255
1986 Letter Joanne Smith/Mrs Albert Bates, Nov 1

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