Gurney Webster Paschall, son of Alexander Franklin Paschall and Delphina Jane Wheeler , was born October 10,1861 in Guilford,NC. He married Saloma E Sullivan 1884. He died December 22, 1935 in Henr,IN. Saloma E Sullivan.

Children of Gurney Webster Paschall and Saloma E Sullivan are:

1. Rufus E Paschall, b. in October, 1885
2. Harry O Paschall, b. December 22, 1887
3. Cora M Paschall, b. in August, 1890
4. Elmer H Paschall, b. in November, 1895
5. Chella L Paschall, b. in November, 1898

Notes for Gurney Webster Paschall:

!1900 Madi/IN Anderson twp-wife/5 ch

Notes for Saloma E Sullivan:

Notes for Rufus E Paschall:

Notes for Harry O Paschall:

!1997 SS Death index as Paschal

Notes for Cora M Paschall:

Notes for Elmer H Paschall:

Notes for Chella L Paschall:

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