Green Houston Paschall, son of John Canaday Paschall and Jane Ann Paschall , was born October 24,1850 in Henry,TN. He married Martha Ann Spann November 07, 1872. He died December 21, 1920 in Calloway,KY. Martha Ann Spann.

Children of Green Houston Paschall and Martha Ann Spann are:

1. Sue Luella Paschall, b. August 25, 1873
2. Elmus Coleman Paschall, b. November 17, 1877 See Elmus Coleman Paschall & Mary E McClough
3. Minnie Kelly Paschall, b. February 11, 1882
4. Altie Blye Paschall, b. February 04, 1884
5. Charles Houston Paschall, b. April 22, 1886 See Charles Houston Paschall & Lucille Dimple Paschall
6. Walter Paschall, b. April 22, 1886
7. Quitman Paschall, b. August 02, 1889 See Quitman Paschall & Iva L Armstrong
8. Ida Paschall, b. 1891

Notes for Green Houston Paschall:

!1880 Call/KY 5th Swans #17-wife/3 ch
1900 Call/KY Hazel #120-6 ch
1910 Call/KY 7th-wife/4 ch

Notes for Martha Ann Spann:

Notes for Sue Luella Paschall:

!1912 Call/KY South Pleasant Gr cem, burial

Notes for Minnie Kelly Paschall:

Notes for Altie Blye Paschall:

Notes for Walter Paschall:

!1886 Call/KY died young

Notes for Ida Paschall:

!1891 died young

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