Carol Franklin Paschall, son of William Paschall and Pernicia Chapman , was born April 19,1851 in Calloway,KY. He married Sarah E Adams 1876. He died December 06, 1938 in Calloway,KY. Sarah E Adams.

Children of Carol Franklin Paschall and Sarah E Adams are:

1. Noah Alexander Paschall, b. August 06, 1875 See Noah Alexander Paschall & Hattie Miller
2. Malcolm Dock Paschall, b. in May, 1878 See Malcolm Dock Paschall & Lula Parks
3. Martha D Paschall, b. November 30, 1879 See Robert Miller & Martha D Paschall
4. Napolian Pittman Paschall, b. November 03, 1881 See Napolian Pittman Paschall & Frances Bogard
5. Albert Leonard Paschall, b. June 04, 1884 See Albert Leonard Paschall & Clara Rose
6. Connie Jane Paschall, b. October 25, 1888 See Claude Venable & Connie Jane Paschall
7. Tula Beckie Paschall, b. June 06, 1892 See P Earl Miller & Tula Beckie Paschall
8. Notie A Paschall, b. in November, 1894 See Notie A Paschall & Jewell Hackett
9. James Paul Paschall, b. March 12, 1898 See James Paul Paschall & Tempest Jones

Notes for Carol Franklin Paschall:

!1880 Call/KY 5th Swans-wife/3 ch
1897 Henr/TN Oak Grove Bapt Ch, Bk 3, dropped fr member list
1900 Call/KY 5th-wife/7 ch
1910 Call/KY 5th-wife/6 ch
1938 Call/KY Sinking Springs cem, burial

Notes for Sarah E Adams:

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