Tobias Lafayette Paschall, son of William C Paschall and Margaret A Sayers , was born April 19,1839 in Whit,TN. He married Virginia C Morris in March, 1877 in Henry,TN. He died November 13, 1907 in Dallas,TX. Virginia C Morris.

Children of Tobias Lafayette Paschall and Virginia C Morris are:

1. Robert Edward Paschall, b. June 30, 1878
2. Amanda Brooks Paschall, b. February 26, 1880 See Delbert David Ray & Amanda Brooks Paschall
3. Nannie Edna Paschall, b. December 31, 1881 See D Bradie Foster & Nannie Edna Paschall
4. Charles Vince Paschall, b. September 22, 1883 See Charles Vince Paschall & Ada Lee Haas
5. Lela Belle Paschall, b. September 26, 1885 See Norman D White & Lela Belle Paschall
6. Nellie Jaunita Paschall, b. August 26, 1888
7. Tobias Mabry Paschall, b. August 10, 1890
8. Ima Jean Paschall, b. June 14, 1892 See Willard McDuffie & Ima Jean Paschall
9. Ellen Daisy Paschall, b. June 04, 1895 See Robert Burton Jones & Ellen Daisy Paschall
10. George Dudley Paschall, b. January 26, 1897 See George Dudley Paschall & Ruby Jones
11. Arthur Raymond Paschall, b. October 27, 1898

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Notes for Tobias Lafayette Paschall:

!1861 Henr/TN TL 13th as T L
1865 Henr/TN TL 13th as T L
1866 Went to TX; returned
1870 Dall/TX 3rd ward #570-wife/son-with Thompson; he's missing
1872 Henr/TN TL
1873 Henr/TN TL 21st
1884 Went to TX
1900 Dall/TX 2nd-wife/10 ch

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