William Haywood Paschall, son of Tobias Lafayette Paschall and Amanda Thompson , was born October 10,1869 in Henry,TN. He married Theodora Victoria Paschall abt. 1888. He died April 17, 1956 in Dallas,TX. Theodora Victoria Paschall, daughter of Green Houston Paschall and Nancy J Barton , was born November 11, 1868 in Henry,TN. She died October 17, 1941 in Dallas,TX.

Children of William Haywood Paschall and Theodora Victoria Paschall are:

1. Elliot Paschall, b. September 06, 1889 See Elliot Paschall & Fay Huckabee
2. Levi M Paschall, b. April 11, 1891
3. Jesse Pearl Paschall, b. in August, 1894
4. Nancy Maude Paschall, b. December 14, 1897 See Michael Earl McCarthy & Nancy Maude Paschall
5. John Dewey Paschall, b. in December, 1898

Notes for William Haywood Paschall:

!1880 Dall/TX moved there
1900 Dall/TX 3rd-wife/ch

Notes for Theodora Victoria Paschall:

Notes for Levi M Paschall:

Notes for Jesse Pearl Paschall:

Notes for John Dewey Paschall:

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