Walter Bearden Paschall, son of John Dill Paschall and Malinda Jane Nantes , was born April 03,1870 in Henry,TN. He married Darthula L Provine December 08, 1898 in Henry,TN. He died April 06, 1954 in OkCy,OK. Darthula L Provine.

Children of Walter Bearden Paschall and Darthula L Provine are:

1. Mary Elizabeth Paschall, b. in January, 1900
2. John Nantes Paschall, b. 1903 See John Nantes Paschall & Mary Louise Green
3. Walter Bearden Paschall, b. 1907 See Walter Bearden Paschall & Zelda Dana

Notes for Walter Bearden Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Leroy L Paschall
1900 Nobl/OK Perry-wife/dau
1925 Was co-founder of PFR; financed it: paid for Paschall monument , Henr/TN
Note: He gave Paschall files of EEP to Jacob C Paschall, c1935

Notes for Darthula L Provine:

Notes for Mary Elizabeth Paschall:

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