Thomas Milton Paschall, son of Thomas Paschall and Nancy Price , was born 1815 in Pula,KY. He married Esther E Brown July 20, 1853 in Pula,KY. He died October 31, 1877 in Pula,KY. Esther E Brown.

Children of Thomas Milton Paschall and Esther E Brown are:

1. William T Paschall, b. April 15, 1854
2. James H Paschall, b. January 17, 1857
3. Mary E Paschall, b. in March, 1860

Notes for Thomas Milton Paschall:

!1847 Pula/KY TL 125a, 2a, 2a; as Thomas M
1848 Pula/KY TL as Milton?
1850 Pula/KY #135-single
1851 Pula/KY TL 4a Bucks Cr; as Thomas M
1852 Pula/KY TL ?a Bucks Cr; as Thomas M; also 1854/1855
1856 Pula/KY TL 5a; as T M; also 1857 as Milton M
1858 Pula/KY TL 6a Flatlick Cr; exec'r Thomas, dec'd; as Milton M
1859 Pula/KY TL 125a Flatlick Cr; also 2a & others; as Thomas M
1860 Pula/KY #720-wife/2 sons
1870 Pula/KY Price dist #74-wife/2 ch; farmer, Ellen, 36
1900 Pula/KY 4th-widow/2 ch; as Ellen, 65

Notes for Esther E Brown:

Notes for William T Paschall:

!1854 Pula/KY KY Vital Stats-ch, Wm T, birth; Apr 15
1900 Pula/KY 4th-Living with mother/sister
1925 Pula/KY Freedom cem, burial

Notes for James H Paschall:

!1857 Pula/KY KY Vital Stats-ch, James T, birth; Jan 17

Notes for Mary E Paschall:

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