William Paschall, son of William Paschall and Reliance Dennis , was born 1733 in Middlesex,NJ. He married unk Aspen aft. 1758 in Granville,NC. He died aft. 1818 in Russell,VA. unk Aspen.

Children of William Paschall and unk Aspen are:

1. Hannah Paschall, b. 1762 See Jesse Duncan & Hannah Paschall
2. Thomas Paschall, b. 1769 See Thomas Paschall & Nancy Price

Notes for William Paschall:

!1754 Gran/NC Militia list; 1755 Gran TL has father/5 bros
1755 Gran/NC TL father/him and five brothers named
1758 Gran/NC DB C p521 Aspen deed has Wm as witness
1762 Gran/NC TL Hend dist; Thos Aspin has Wm Paschal
1768 Oran/NC DB got 163a; wit to 2 deeds for Thomas Aspen
1771 Oran/NC Wm & D Duncan, wit to deed, A Allen; Wm x'ed it
1773 Bute/NC wit to ageement bet. f & son, Thomas; made mark; could be D3
1774 Bute/NC will of William; names William as 4th son
1777 Oran/NC Petition to divide county-signed: also TL Casw
1784 Casw/NC TL St Laur dist; also 1788 to 1791
1789 Oran/NC WB will of Thomas Aspen: Wm & son, Thomas named
1792 Pers/NC TL St Laur dist; 100a; poll: also 1794/95
1792 Pers/NC signed as witness to Edmund Hendley will; made mark
1792 Pers/NC qualified as exec'r of Edmund Hendley
1797 Russ/VA TL Upper dist, pers property; also Thomas
1798 Russ/VA ditto; also 1799
1801 Russ/VA Ct Min index Bk; Wm exempted from county tax
1802 Russ/VA TL Upper dist, personal property tax
1806 Russ/VA Pwr-of-atty to Edmund Hendley (nep of former)
1810 Russ/VA TL 0-1-0; also Benj South/Jesse Duncan
1818 Russ/VA Ct Min index Bk; placed on pauper list
1820 Russ/VA not in census
Note: Mark was double V or inverted double V

by Clarence McDaniel Oct 1995

In William,G, we have the most confused son of William,C. Because of the
frequency with which this famous protestant name occurs in the Paschall
lines we will always have some confusion.

William,G, was born about 1733 probably in Middlesex County, New Jersey.
Our first record of William is the 1754 Militia List in which we have a
listing of "William and son, William". He was apparently unmarried at
this time. We believe he married several years later, most likely to a
daughter of Thomas Aspen.

There was executed in Granville a deed of 1758 in which Thomas Aspen
obtained land west of Nutbush Creek. This deed was witnessed by a
William. He may have used an overlapping double "V" for his signature -
this has yet to be verified. This would lead us to believe that this was
the son rather than the father because the father could sign very well.

In any event the life of William,G, was from that point onward a part of
the record of the Aspen family. The 1762 tax list of Granville County,
Henderson District, lists William as living in the household of Thomas
Aspen. This tends to support the idea that William had married into the
Aspen family by this time. In Oct 1768, Orange County, there are 3 deeds,
one from Wm Sargeant, Sr. to Wm for 163a. This same time shows that Wm
witnessed two deeds to Thomas Aspen. We have a deed record of Annanias
Allen; Orange County, Aug 24, 1771. This deed was proven by William
Paschall and Daniel Duncan in the court of January, 1772. Willian x'ed
his signature. The next record we find is a petition to divide Orange
County to create a new county in the northern part. We do not have a
copy of this petition to verify the form of signature but there is no
doubt but this was our William,G. William had located with the Aspen
family in what is today Person County near the county line. Thomas Aspen
had received a grant of land in Orange County. A new county was formed
in 1777 and was named Caswell. Thus without moving William appears on tax
lists for this county in the St Laurence District.

In 1789 Thomas Aspen (son of older Thomas) wrote his will. The will was
probated in 1791. This was an unusual will in that Thomas did not name
any children. He named his wife, Sarah, Jesse Duncan and Benjamin South.
In 1780, on one of the old surviving marriage bonds of Caswell County we
find the record of the marriage of Hannah Paschall to Jesse Duncan. There
is reason to believe that Jesse was the son of Daniel Duncan. The will
also named William Paschall and his son, Thomas, and indicated that
William's wife was then alive. In the year 1789 Thomas Paschall married
Nancy Price in Caswell County as recorded on bond.

In 1792 the eastern part of Caswell County became Person County. From
this year on, William and son, Thomas, are recorded in Person County, St
Laurence District. Also, in 1792, William signed as witness with a
double "V" to the will of Edmund Henley. William was subsequently
appointed administrator of Henley's estate. According to Thomas Aspen's
will, William,G, was to obtain the 250 acre plantation in Orange County
if he contributed to the support of Aspen's widow. This plantation was
to go to Thomas on the death of William and wife. Note that the wife was
included as a survivor.

In 1792 William,G, by deed in Orange County, transferred the 250 acres to
Thomas. Since William's wife is not named we suspect she has died. Thomas
sold this property by deed in 1794. Thomas moved to Russell County, VA,
and appeared on the 1795 tax list.

By 1797, William,G, was also in Russell County along with Jesse Duncan
and Benjamin South. The 1800 and 1810 censuses of Russell are lost. An
1811 tax list shows William with no poll and 1 black poll. We believe
William himself was too old to tax and the 1801 court minute book of
Russell has an entry excusing William from the tax.

Russell County was one of those unfortunate counties which have suffered
the lost of their early records. There is a surviving index to a court
minute book which has some references to William and Thomas. In 1818
William was declared a pauper by the court. William did not appear on
the 1820 census. Indeed we have the misfortune that William never
appeared on a census that has come down to us.

From the records it would appear William married a daughter of Thomas
Aspen probably before 1761. He had two children of record. No other
Paschalls appear on records in the home counties. William never received
a grant of land from his father; he most likely received other things of

There is a solitary revolutionary voucher which named a Captain Paschall
and the indications, though slim, are that this man was from Orange

William,G, was not the father of William, George or Alexander for several
reasons. These are detailed in the line of Isaiah,F.


We learn of Hannah only from her marriage bond to Jesse Duncan in 1780.
The bondsman on this marriage being Daniel Duncan who was probably father
or brother of Jesse. From then on we only have the records of Jesse.
Jesse was given property in the Aspen will which ties Hannah to her
father and brother. Also Jesse Duncan and William and Thomas along with
Benjamin South appear to be closely related. Strangely, Thomas
Aspen's (older one) wife was named Hannah, Jesse's mother was apparently
named Hannah as was the wife of Annanias Allen (of the 1771 deed) so we
assume Hannah was named for this close association of neighbors and
relatives. Hannah was probably about 18 to 20 at the time of her
marriage, so was born about 1760-1762. There apparently were children of
this marriage as a David Duncan appears on the 1810 Tax List and the 1820
census of Russell County. It may be that William,G, lived with his
son-in-law and daughter in his old age.


We have three separate mentions of Thomas in the year 1789; the Aspen
will, his marriage and the tax list of Caswell. These would indicate
that Thomas came of age at about this time. Thomas received the Aspen
legacy from his father in 1792 and sold this in December of 1794. It
appears that Jesse Duncan moved to Russell County, VA, and Thomas
followed about 1795. Thomas is found on the tax list of 1796. Thomas
then moved, about 1805, to Pulaski County, KY, where he resided for the
rest of his life. Thomas appears on the 1810-1850 censuses of Pulaski
and in 1854 he wrote his will. The 1850 census indicates that he was
born in 1769. We find that Thomas signed two petitions in Russell County
in October and November of 1796. His signature on these shows a good
hand. He signed as Thos Pascal with the old fashioned "s" that looks
like a reverse script "f". There are many records of Thomas and his
family available in Pulaski County.

There are no other known or suspected children of William at the time of
this writing.

Notes for unk Aspen:

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