Alonzo James Paschall, son of James Nathan Paschall and Elizabeth F Famby , was born November 17,1860 in Hear,GA. He married Mary Eliz Shackleford 1884. He died aft. 1900 in Trou,GA. Mary Eliz Shackleford.

Children of Alonzo James Paschall and Mary Eliz Shackleford are:

1. Otis Jankins Paschall, b. December 14, 1885
2. Charley Davis Paschall, b. July 06, 1889
3. Lonnie Jones Paschall, b. May 14, 1891 See Lonnie Jones Paschall & Bessie Chandler
4. Ludie Paschall, b. in May, 1894 See Lassiter Larkin & Ludie Paschall
5. Etta Cleveland Paschall, b. October 14, 1898 See Harbison & Etta Cleveland Paschall
6. Joseph Marvin Paschall, b. October 22, 1890
7. Clara Paschall, b. aft. 1898 See W R Glenn & Clara Paschall
8. Andrew Jenkins Paschall, b. October 13, 1900

Notes for Alonzo James Paschall:

!1870 Hear/GA #1455-at home as James A, 7
1900 Trou/GA wife/6 ch

Notes for Mary Eliz Shackleford:

Notes for Otis Jankins Paschall:

Notes for Charley Davis Paschall:

!1997 SS Death index as Paschal

Notes for Joseph Marvin Paschall:

Notes for Andrew Jenkins Paschall:

!1998 SS Death index, b 13 Oct, 1900

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