Samuel Paschall, son of John Hammock and Reliance Paschall , was born bef. 1775. He married Elizabeth 1794 in GA. He died 1812 in Jasp,GA. Elizabeth was born 1764. She died 1847 in Gwin,GA.

Children of Samuel Paschall and Elizabeth are:

1. Keziah Paschall, b. 1795 See John Leverett & Keziah Paschall
2. Mahala Paschall, b. 1797 See Richard Holt & Mahala Paschall
3. Betsy Paschall, b. abt. 1798 See James Reason & Betsy Paschall
4. Nancy Paschall, b. bef. 1800 See Allen Tucker & Nancy Paschall
5. Fereby Paschall, b. 1800 See Daniel Wester & Fereby Paschall
6. Samuel Paschall, b. 1801 See Samuel Paschall & Sarah Dannel
7. Matilda Paschall, b. aft. 1795 See Edmund Samuels & Matilda Paschall
8. James Monroe Paschall, b. 1810 See James Monroe Paschall & Elizabeth Winns

Notes for Samuel Paschall:

!1807 Wilk/GA Ld lottery-won in Baldwin(Jasper)-13th #122
1812 Jasp/GA WB C p85 widow and ch named: B Greene, admr
1812 Jasp/GA Bond Bk A p60 Admrs; estate papers 1812/25
1815 Jasp/GA widow marr Benj Reasom (rezin), Dec 21
1820 Gwin/GA 110010-21001 p268, Benj Reason; Eliz/minors
1823 Jasp/GA Eliz Reason est papers; Benj died: B Greene, admr
1830 Gwin/GA Older woman with Joseph; age 50/60
1995 Letters of Wm E Jackson, Alanta, GA; Holt gene.; info
1995 Letters of Rebecca Wurtemburger, Richmond, IN; info
Note: Suspect he was son of Reliance,D1, as he was early in GA, fathe r unk
or adopted into Samuel,D, family fr 4 girl's names

Notes for Elizabeth :

!1995 Letters of Rebecca Wurtemburger, Richmond, IN; info
Note: papers in Gwin Hist society; birth, death, b Ireland?

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