John C Paschall, son of Michael Wood Paschall and Elizabeth Wood , was born 1819 in Warren,NC. He married Jacky Penelope Laughter December 23, 1843 in Warren,NC. He died aft. 1880 in Maur,TN. Jacky Penelope Laughter.

Children of John C Paschall and Jacky Penelope Laughter are:

1. Edward Paschall, b. 1844 See Edward Paschall & Nancy Adcock

Other Marriages for John C Paschall:

Notes for John C Paschall:

!1843 bdsman was Peter D Paschall
1843 Warr/NC Bdsman for Sarah J Duke to Wm Mathews; 18 Nov
1850 Warr/NC Warrenton #315-wife, Penelope/2 ch; age 31, NC
1860 Lewi/TN #503-wife/4 ch p3; age 40
1870 Maur/TN 2nd #39-wife/6 ch; age 50, NC, carpenter
1880 Maur/TN 2nd #109-wife/3 sons; age 60, TN?
Note: Middle name may be Christmas; seems to be traditionally known

Notes for Jacky Penelope Laughter:

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