Henry Paschall, son of Thomas Paschall and Charity Russell , was born 1785 in Warren,NC. He married Polly Capps February 27, 1811 in Warren,NC. He died in November, 1833 in Warren,NC. Polly Capps.

Children of Henry Paschall and Polly Capps are:

1. Thomas Dennis Paschall, b. April 02, 1811 See Thomas Dennis Paschall & Rebecca
2. Robert Chappin Paschall, b. 1820 See Robert Chappin Paschall & Mahala Anna Dean
3. Cynthia J Paschall, b. May 12, 1821 See Joseph Lloyd & Cynthia J Paschall

Notes for Henry Paschall:

!1st marriage official - William R Johnson, judge
1805 Warr/NC WB 13-66 at estate sale
1811 Warr/NC TL Nutbush poll
1813 Warr/NC Ct Min Bd for ch, Thomas Dennis, K71, by Polly Capps
1814 Warr/NC WB 18 p116 ch support bd, Polly Capps, single woman?
1826 Warr/NC DB 24-346 T Deed, mort inherted 59a; also p488
1827 Warr/NC WB 30-175 ch bond; Mary Langford; Thos/M W, bdsmen
1830 Surr/NC 0011001-001001 p147; also son, Thomas
1833 Warr/NC WB 34 p342 deceased; also Ct Min, Nov
1833 Warr/NC WB 35 p26 brother, John, admr; no ch named
Note: Some conflict in marr/bond dates ?
1811 Warr/NC signed copy of marr bond: PFR files
1812 Enl 1st Regt (McDonald's) NC Militia, Sergeant

Notes for Polly Capps:

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