Robert Daniel Paschall, son of John Paschall and Rhoda Pitchford , was born January 31,1819 in Warren,NC. He married Mary E Walker September 19, 1848 in Warren,NC. He died January 19, 1884 in Meck,VA. Mary E Walker, daughter of Ransom Walker and Martha A Paschall , .

Children of Robert Daniel Paschall and Mary E Walker are:

1. Martha Rosa Paschall, b. May 11, 1851
2. Walter Ransom Paschall, b. May 01, 1853
3. Melville Archer Paschall, b. August 24, 1855
4. Lela Burton Paschall, b. January 02, 1857
5. Margaret Thomas Paschall, b. July 12, 1860 See Carter T Wooton & Margaret Thomas Paschall
6. Edward Early Paschall, b. February 19, 1865
7. Minnie Robert Paschall, b. March 16, 1867 See Wilkie Wagstaff & Minnie Robert Paschall

Notes for Robert Daniel Paschall:

!1st marriage official - John Hicks, bdsman
1840 Warr/NC 00001001-0012 p22; has father?/sisters?
1840 Warr/NC DB 27-483: 28-740: 29-209/244/271/272/299/300
1842 Warr/NC WB 38 p112 Appointed gdn to sister, Adeline
1847 Warr/NC In Mexican war 1/1847 to 8/1848; 1st NC Vol's, Co H
1850 Warr/NC Nutbush #443-wife; farmer
1860 Warr/NC Ridgeway #640-wife/4 ch; as B D, 41, NC
1861 Warr/NC Enlisted in CSA as Capt of Warren Co company
1874 Warr/NC Map of Warren made by him; he was a surveyor
1884 Meck/VA Gravel Hill Baptist Ch, burial; wife also
1887 Warr/NC Pension appl for Mexican War #C727; Apr 19
1887 Warr/NC Widow had pension until 1897
1988 Confed History of Warren Co by Mrs Twitty; publ?
1988 County of Warren by M Wade Willman; publ?
1988 Mech/VA Life by the Roaring Roanoke by Susan L Bracey; publ?
1988 News, Charlotte Gazette(VA), 1879 Apr 3, PFR files; article
on surveying line between Co's
Note: Many deeds fr/to him, many papers collected by son, EEP; PFR fi les

Notes for Mary E Walker:

Notes for Martha Rosa Paschall:

Notes for Walter Ransom Paschall:

!1987 Warr/NC PFR #38; Broken tombstone found by Mary Walker Taylor
1988 Letters from/to author by Mrs Mary E Taylor

Notes for Melville Archer Paschall:

!1860 Died young according to Edw E Paschall; PFR files

Notes for Lela Burton Paschall:

Notes for Edward Early Paschall:

!1880 Warr/NC Smith Cr #128-in J L Hagood; Ed E, 15, clerk; him?
1906 Began Paschall Genealogy, over 25 yrs contribution
1925 Personal records, letters; great many; PFR files
1936 Paschall bulletin #2 has info
1987 ditto #37
1988 Many letters to/from him in PFR files, c1922-1930
Note: Many ref to him in my files as: EEP

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