Michael Wood Paschall, son of Michael Wood Paschall and Elizabeth Wood , was born 1815 in Warren,NC. He married Hester Ann Paschall October 26, 1835 in Warren,NC. He died aft. 1870. Hester Ann Paschall, daughter of Thomas Paschall and Sally Mabery , was born 1820 in Warren,NC. She died aft. 1860 in Warren,NC.

Children of Michael Wood Paschall and Hester Ann Paschall are:

1. Lucy N Paschall, b. August 26, 1836 See Robert W Paschall & Lucy N Paschall
2. Robert H Michael Paschall, b. December 17, 1838 See Robert H Michael Paschall & Melissa A Twisdale
3. M Elizabeth Paschall, b. 1841
4. L Paschall, b. 1842
5. Charity W Paschall, b. 1843 See Miles R King & Charity W Paschall

Other Marriages for Michael Wood Paschall:

Notes for Michael Wood Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Nath Brickle, bdsman
1835 Warr/NC signed marr bond; PFR files
1850 Warr/NC #450-wife/4 ch/mother-in-law
1852 Warr/NC DB 31 p97 says M W, Sr, deceased; land he lived on; De c 31
1860 Warr/NC Warrenton #472-wife/dau
1870 Warr/NC Hawtree #40-wife

Notes for Hester Ann Paschall:

Notes for M Elizabeth Paschall:

!1860 Warr/NC Exchange #682-living with sister; as M E, 20

Notes for L Paschall:


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