James Anderson Paschall, son of Michael Wood Paschall and Elizabeth Wood , was born in November, 1830 in Warren,NC. He married Sarah Annie Marshall March 30, 1852 in Lewi,TN. He died in October, 1907 in Wise,TX. Sarah Annie Marshall was born July 09, 1835 in NC. She died in April, 1900 in Wise,TX.

Children of James Anderson Paschall and Sarah Annie Marshall are:

1. Robert Alexander Paschall, b. May 19, 1853 See Robert Alexander Paschall & Molly Dill
2. William K Paschall, b. in September, 1855 See William K Paschall & Alice Scrimpshire
3. James W Paschall, b. in December, 1859 See James W Paschall & Mary E Marshall
4. George Richard Paschall, b. January 20, 1862 See George Richard Paschall & Bettie Meredith OR George Richard Paschall & Alice
5. John Franklin Paschall, b. December 09, 1864 See John Franklin Paschall & Martha Alice Reeves
6. Lucy A Paschall, b. in September, 1869
7. Charlie A Paschall, b. September 10, 1871
8. Virginia Ellen Paschall, b. June 08, 1872 See Joseph McElhaney & Virginia Ellen Paschall
9. Mary Elizabeth Paschall, b. 1858 See Francis Marion Martin & Mary Elizabeth Paschall

Notes for James Anderson Paschall:

!1860 Hard/TN 11th #1154-wife/4 ch
1880 Wise/TX 8th-wife/7 ch
1900 Wise/TX 8th-dau, Lucy
1996 Data fr Marcella Phillips; picture, info, marr; Pasadena, TX

Notes for Sarah Annie Marshall:

Notes for Lucy A Paschall:

Notes for Charlie A Paschall:

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