Joseph Lewisford. He married Lucy T Paschall abt. 1879 in Orange,NC. Lucy T Paschall, daughter of William Henry Paschall and Judith W Parham , was born in February, 1838 in Granville,NC. She died March 18, 1912 in Durh,NC.

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!1880 Oran/NC Mangum #275-widow/dau in 2nd husb, J Lewisford
1912 Durh/NC Death cert; school teacher, born Gran, NC; father Wm Paschal
Note: Apparently marr her cousin but Hays has marr James P Parham, 1859 ?
Note: May not have marr Lewisford; marr a Lunsford per death cert.
Note: May have marr a Dr John Paschal and moved to Harper's Ferry, VA, according to a gson, Owen Parrish.

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