Jehu Paschall, son of Robert Paschall and Polly , was born 1808 in Chat,NC. He married Mary McDaniel September 05, 1839 in Oran,IN. He died 1851 in Oran,IN. Mary McDaniel was born November 05, 1817. She died August 08, 1899 in Oran. IN.

Children of Jehu Paschall and Mary McDaniel are:

1. Phebe J Paschall, b. 1841 See William J Walton & Phebe J Paschall
2. Sarah Paschall, b. 1843 See John Walton & Sarah Paschall
3. Susan C Paschall, b. 1845 See John Bruis & Susan C Paschall
4. Daniel J Paschall, b. in April, 1847 See Daniel J Paschall & Lucrecia A McDonald OR Daniel J Paschall & Cynthia McDonald
5. John Paschall, b. February 20, 1850 See John Paschall & Nancy E Davis OR John Paschall & Mary Engleman

Notes for Jehu Paschall:

!1825 Oran/IN marr Patsey M White as John?; Nov 17; him?
1830 Oran/IN 00001-00001 p45; as Jehue
1850 Oran/IN Southwest p381-wife/4 ch wife, b 1811, KY; as John
1860 Oran/IN marr rec's; widow, Polly remarried; May 31
1860 Oran/IN Southeast #329-widow/3 ch; she marr P Staffinger

Notes for Mary McDaniel:

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