William Edward Paschall, son of Robert Paschall and Elizabeth Croce Geen , was born June 30,1856 in Moor,NC. He married Melissa Robertson Gilliam 1889. He died aft. 1920 in Lee,NC. Melissa Robertson Gilliam.

Children of William Edward Paschall and Melissa Robertson Gilliam are:

1. John Robert Gilliam Paschall, b. May 12, 1891 See John Robert Gilliam Paschall & Lucinda Taylor
2. Augustus Edward Hume Paschall, b. August 27, 1892
3. Ola Melissa Paschall, b. December 28, 1893
4. William Ennett Paschall, b. August 12, 1895

Notes for William Edward Paschall:

!1880 Moor/NC Ritters twp #244-Robt Phillips house, gson; single, Edw ard
1889 Moor/NC WB D p288 will of Phillips; was exc'r
1900 Moor/NC Deep R #12-wife/4 ch/parents
1910 Lee/NC wife/4 ch
1920 Lee/NC wife/4 ch

Notes for Melissa Robertson Gilliam:

Notes for Augustus Edward Hume Paschall:

Notes for Ola Melissa Paschall:

!1998 NC Death records

Notes for William Ennett Paschall:

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