John Paschall, son of Robert Paschall and Polly , was born February 01,1803 in Chat,NC. He married Elizabeth Shields 1825. He died January 09, 1860 in Moor,NC. Elizabeth Shields was born March 09, 1799. She died September 24, 1855.

Children of John Paschall and Elizabeth Shields are:

1. Luther Paschall, b. July 02, 1826 See Luther Paschall & Martha Shields
2. Nathan D Paschall, b. October 14, 1828 See Nathan D Paschall & unk
3. Robert Paschall, b. February 25, 1831 See Robert Paschall & Elizabeth Croce Geen OR Robert Paschall & Lydia Ann Phillips
4. Hesper Ann Paschall, b. 1833
5. John L Paschall, b. in October, 1837 See John L Paschall & Alvarada O
6. Catherine Paschall, b. 1839
7. David C Paschall, b. 1842 See David C Paschall & Louiza Fields

Notes for John Paschall:

!1817 Chat/NC Ct Min p61 date of birth; twin to Robert; learn blacksmith
1820 Chat/NC CT Min Feb; bound to Joel Dixon; half-sis's husb
1925 marr to Elizabeth McManus, widow? of ? Shields ?? vice versa?
1829 Chat/NC DB B p251 fr Josiah Womble
1830 Chat/NC 21001-00001 p426
1833 Chat/NC DB C p357 fr Nathan McManus; John J was name?
1834 Chat/NC DB D p98 fr Benj McManus; Elizabeth & John
1840 Moor/NC 121001-2000001 p181; wife's age error?
1850 Moor/NC #831-wife/6 ch; blacksmith
1982 The John Phillips Family by Emma Phillips Paschal

Notes for Elizabeth Shields:

Notes for Hesper Ann Paschall:

!Note: known as Esperan. Source says she had 3 ch: George Luther, Lucy Ann and John A. These are now listwd as her brother's ch.

Notes for Catherine Paschall:

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