Andrew Hunsaker Paschall, son of Anderson Turner Paschall and Louisa A S Hunsaker , was born April 26,1856 in Grav,KY. He married Ella Spikes December 10, 1877 in Hunt,TX. He died March 01, 1940 in Wilb,TX. Ella Spikes.

Children of Andrew Hunsaker Paschall and Ella Spikes are:

1. Olive N Paschall, b. March 30, 1880 See Allen C Scott & Olive N Paschall
2. Annie Bell Paschall, b. November 23, 1882 See Thomas King Huffman & Annie Bell Paschall
3. Ella Mae Paschall, b. in September, 1883 See John Henry Kimbrew & Ella Mae Paschall
4. Andrew Hunsaker Paschall, b. March 18, 1888 See Andrew Hunsaker Paschall & Nettie McLean
5. Bertha E Paschall, b. in September, 1889 See Harper Nixon & Bertha E Paschall
6. Young Calbert Paschall, b. November 18, 1894 See Young Calbert Paschall & Mabel Idell Musgraves
7. Samuel J Paschall, b. in August, 1896
8. Guy Galeton Paschall, b. April 29, 1899 See Guy Galeton Paschall & Claudia Kincheloe

Notes for Andrew Hunsaker Paschall:

!1880 Kauf/TX 6th-wife/dau
1900 VanZ/TX 1st-wife/8 ch
1925 Wilb/TX letter to PFR; PFR files

Notes for Ella Spikes:

Notes for Samuel J Paschall:

!Note: Either Samuel or his brother, Guy, married Mary Mullins.

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