Perry Poyner Paschall, son of Jesse Morgan Paschall and Mary Freeman , was born January 06,1830 in Weakley,TN. He married Ruth C Wood August 16, 1855 in Weakley,TN. He died July 13, 1874 in Weakley,TN. Ruth C Wood.

Children of Perry Poyner Paschall and Ruth C Wood are:

1. James S Paschall, b. November 22, 1856
2. Mary Paschall, b. November 17, 1862
3. Perry Perley Paschall, b. December 23, 1863
4. Jesse Lump Paschall, b. January 16, 1869
5. Richard Joseph Paschall, b. March 18, 1870
6. Volney H Paschall, b. November 27, 1872 See Volney H Paschall & Lula Harris
7. Alfred Newton Paschall, b. July 30, 1874 See Alfred Newton Paschall & Mary Hettie Fields

Notes for Perry Poyner Paschall:

!1860 Rand/AR Columbia twp #181-wife/2 ch; farmer
1870 Weak/TN 17th-wife/5 ch
1874 Fult/KY Killed in explosion at mill
1972 Weak/TN Weakley Remembered, Vol 2

Notes for Ruth C Wood:

Notes for James S Paschall:

!1874 Fult/KY Died from explosion of mill

Notes for Mary Paschall:

!1880 Fult/KY Living with uncle, Gideon W
1900 Fult/KY 1st-Boarder in house; as Pollie, 36
1922 Fult/KY Fairview cem, burial

Notes for Perry Perley Paschall:

!1880 Obio/TN 14th #234-in house uncle

Notes for Jesse Lump Paschall:

!Note: may have died young or TX?

Notes for Richard Joseph Paschall:

!1880 Obio/TN 16th #342-in house aunt; as Richard, 9

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