Alexander Paschall, son of Elisha Paschall and Nancy Ann , was born abt. 1772 in Granville,NC. He married Susanna Morgan abt. 1793 in Caswell,NC. He died March 08, 1846 in Weakley,TN. Susanna Morgan. She died 1856 in Grav,KY.

Children of Alexander Paschall and Susanna Morgan are:

1. William D Paschall, b. 1795 See William D Paschall & Susanna Davis
2. Nancy Mitchel Paschall, b. 1796 See Jesse Poyner & Nancy Mitchel Paschall
3. Jesse Morgan Paschall, b. October 24, 1799 See Jesse Morgan Paschall & Mary Freeman OR Jesse Morgan Paschall & Martha Knight
4. Susanna Paschall, b. November 01, 1805 See Henry H Humphreys & Susanna Paschall
5. Anderson Turner Paschall, b. May 20, 1811 See Anderson Turner Paschall & Louisa A S Hunsaker
6. George Roberts Paschall, b. November 19, 1813 See George Roberts Paschall & Elizabeth Williams
7. Arrena Saphrona Paschall, b. April 30, 1816 See Berry Lee Farmer & Arrena Saphrona Paschall
8. Alexander Lee Paschall, b. 1818 See Alexander Lee Paschall & Lucinda V Kendrick

Notes for Alexander Paschall:

!1792 Rock/NC DB C143 bought 50a; he was in Caswell
1794 Rock/NC DB E172, wit deed; signed: 1795 Casw/NC TL 100a
1795 Casw/NC TL St David 100a, poll; 1796 ditto 270a
1800 Casw/NC 20010-10100; DB Q243 bought 85a; also L293
1801 Casw/NC DB M44 sold jointly with David Poyner
1801 Rock/NC DB G232 sold 50a, signed: M362, to David Poyner
1803 Casw/NC TL St David, 217a: DB O102, David to Alex
1808 Casw/NC DB W150 Alex and Wm, H1, 2a: also R70, R71
1810 Casw/NC 12010-11010-7 p496
1817 Rock/NC Lick Fk Prim Bapt Ch Min-meeting at Alex's house
1817 Rock/NC Lick Fk Prim Bapt Ch Min; mother, Nanny (or Nancy)
1820 Casw/NC 300001-11110 p39; over 45; b before 1775
1825 Casw/NC DB X162 sold 1a; signed; jointly with Wm, H1
1825 Rock/NC DB Z97 sold 91a; signed; wit: Jesse Poyner
1828 Weak/TN TL no poll; means over 50 yrs old; b before 1778
1830 Henr/TN 01020001-0010001 50-60; b 1770-1780
1840 Weak/TN 0000200001-000000001 p279 too old, prob error
1845 Weak/TN WB p161, had will; probated Apr, 1846
1917 Ezekiel, Hb93, Paschall Fam Hist; says Elisha had son, Alex, b c 1763
1971 Book: Ld Gts W of TN River by Wm Jillison; 5 Gts, c1832; sons al so
1986 Casw/NC Deeds: Q255, R349, R351, U271, W186
1994 Weak/TN Deeds: R2,S9: F244, F607, G345 grant, 200a, homeplace
Note: Some sources claim Elisha was father, some claim Wm, G
Note: Claims by Sarah Agnes Smith in 1924-1936 for DAR are very
bad. No evidence found for claims. Letters in PFR files
Note: Censuses & ch used to obtain appox yr of birth
Note: Susanna's parents were Wm & Sarah Morgan: Ky Stats, Graves Co , 1856
her bro, Wm marr, Reliance,H4, dau of Elisha,H; his sister per letter

Notes for Susanna Morgan:

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