Daniel Berry Paschall, son of Samuel Paschall and Hannah Street , was born January 21,1848 in Lee,IA. He married Mary C Brassfield September 10, 1874 in Adai,MO. He died June 18, 1928 in Scot,IA. Mary C Brassfield.

Children of Daniel Berry Paschall and Mary C Brassfield are:

1. Minnie Alice Paschall, b. July 10, 1875 See Elias E Overton & Minnie Alice Paschall
2. Grace R Paschall, b. October 27, 1877 See Hugh Sutton & Grace R Paschall
3. Frank Berry Paschall, b. April 24, 1881 See Frank Berry Paschall & Mabel M Mathews
4. Willis Arthur Paschall, b. March 25, 1883 See Willis Arthur Paschall & Myrtle Bison
5. Lucy Ann Paschall, b. in January, 1890 See Roll Randall & Lucy Ann Paschall
6. Mary Rachel Paschall, b. November 13, 1893 See Roy Charles Bell & Mary Rachel Paschall
7. Emma Ellen Paschall, b. August 02, 1896 See unk Moulton & Emma Ellen Paschall
8. Nellie Paschall, b. September 25, 1900 See Ervin Mangels & Nellie Paschall
9. William Paschall, b. in June, 1877

Notes for Daniel Berry Paschall:

!1880 Adai/MO wife/3 ch
1900 Lee /IA Marion-wife/6 ch
1910 Adai/MO wife/ch; as B F
1928 Lee /IA Clay Grove cem, burial
1937 Burl/IA Paschall Reunion info; PFR files
Note: Freeman not Frank was original name

Notes for Mary C Brassfield:

Notes for William Paschall:

!1900 Adai/MO Liberty-alone; Willis?

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