William Henry Paschall, son of Coleman Paschall and Sarah Street , was born May 04,1840 in Hanc,IL. He married Emily Dunn December 24, 1863 in Cass,IL. He died February 03, 1917 in Morg,IL. Emily Dunn.

Children of William Henry Paschall and Emily Dunn are:

1. Harriet Ellen Paschall, b. March 25, 1865 See John Wm Coleman & Harriet Ellen Paschall
2. Robert William Paschall, b. May 08, 1867
3. John Albert Paschall, b. September 16, 1868 See John Albert Paschall & Clara Eliza Jordan
4. Mary Alice Paschall, b. November 18, 1870 See George W Flagge & Mary Alice Paschall
5. Emelin Dunn Paschall, b. September 08, 1872 See Thomas Howard Cully & Emelin Dunn Paschall

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Notes for William Henry Paschall:

!1863 Cass/IL Ct Rec Petition to admr mother's estate; names siblings
1880 Cass/IL #167 p700-wife/5 ch
1900 Morg/IL Markham-wife/sis
1987 Edward Treadway Gene by Oswell G Treadway

Notes for Emily Dunn:

Notes for Robert William Paschall:

!Note: aka Wm Robert

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