Frederick Elmer Paschall, son of John Green Paschall and Mertie G Hoag , was born April 18,1872 in Whiteside,IL. He married Edna Echelberger September 19, 1900 in Whiteside,IL. He died May 07, 1952 in Whiteside,IL. Edna Echelberger.

Children of Frederick Elmer Paschall and Edna Echelberger are:

1. Lyle Frederick Paschall, b. April 30, 1905 See Lyle Frederick Paschall & Ruth Olsen
2. Kenneth William Paschall, b. January 20, 1909 See Kenneth William Paschall & Luella M Oostenryk

Notes for Frederick Elmer Paschall:

!1987 Records of Jane Paschal James; has family

Notes for Edna Echelberger:

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