Smart. He married F Elizabeth Paschall aft. 1870. F Elizabeth Paschall, daughter of George Washington Paschall and Marcia Duval , was born 1853 in Trav,TX. She died 1932 in Wash,DC.

Notes for Smart:

Notes for F Elizabeth Paschall:

!1870 Trav/TX p287 #348-living with Capt Lewis Overmerm?
1880 Trav/TX Probate #757 mother's will; mother died, 1865
1934 Letter by F2412-marr 3 times- T P O'Conner
1937 Okla/OK Letter-she wrote, "My Beloved South"; PFR files
1986 Bexa/TX Letter she wrote, "I, Myself" & others; list in PFR files
1979 Some Early Travis Co records by S Lucas, publ 1979

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