John W Paschall, son of Richard T Paschall and Martha Rochelle , was born in March, 1830 in Granville,NC. He married Nancy E Rochelle June 25, 1855 in Lawr,TN. He died aft. 1880 in Wayn,TN. Nancy E Rochelle.

Children of John W Paschall and Nancy E Rochelle are:

1. Nancy A Paschall, b. 1856 See J M Ayers & Nancy A Paschall
2. Rufus O Paschall, b. 1862
3. Lonzo Paschall, b. 1866 See Lonzo Paschall & Sarah Kelly
4. Fanny Paschall, b. 1872 See William C Jones & Fanny Paschall
5. Cynthia Paschall, b. 1874 See Frank Chandler & Cynthia Paschall
6. William Paschall, b. in July, 1877 See William Paschall & Rosa

Other Marriages for John W Paschall:

Notes for John W Paschall:

!1860 Wayn/TN 7th #277-wife/dau; wife, Nancy A; tanner; can't r/w
1870 Lawr/TN p45-wife/3 ch; wife, Nancy A; farmer; 39, NC; can't r/w
1880 Wayn/TN 6th-wife/5 ch; wife, Mary; 50, NC
Note: See Jxx1, same person? This line has problems, may not belong h ere.

Notes for Nancy E Rochelle:

Notes for Rufus O Paschall:

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