Samuel Paschall, son of Eli Paschall and Margaret Thompson , was born December 08,1815 in Fran,TN. He married Bridget O'Reilly September 21, 1839 in Harris,TX. He died June 06, 1874 in Harris,TX. Bridget O'Reilly.

Children of Samuel Paschall and Bridget O'Reilly are:

1. William E Paschall, b. November 15, 1840 See William E Paschall & Margaret Mayfield
2. Sarah Ann Paschall, b. October 12, 1844 See Thelesphor Seymour & Sarah Ann Paschall
3. John Samuel Paschall, b. in December, 1848 See John Samuel Paschall & Ophelia OR John Samuel Paschall & Annie Garner

Notes for Samuel Paschall:

!1836 TX Service rec #2928; Army(TX) Feb 13 to Jun 30, 1837
1838 Harr/TX Ld Cert #227; 640a Battle of San Jacinto
1846 Harr/TX TL Rep of TX, Poll lists by Marion Mullins
1849 Harr/TX Bty Land in Calh/TX, 640a
1850 Harr/TX p17-wife/3 ch; had Wm, Sarah Ann, John Sam'l
1850 Harr/TX Bty Warr in Rain/TX; 320a, 960a #1623, #548
1860 Harr/TX Houston 2nd ward-wife/3ch
1870 Harr/TX Houston 3rd Ward p549-wife; carpenter
1874 Harr/TX St Vincent Catholic cem, burial
1882 Harr/TX Houston city direct., widow in home T Seymour
1932 Heroes of San Jacinto by Dixon/Witz; Little R to TX, 1835; wife/ ch
San Janinto Museum paper by L W Kemp; c1925; has birth/place

Notes for Bridget O'Reilly:

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