William M Paschall, son of Milton Paschall and Sarah B , was born 1811 in Abbe,SC. He married Sarah McDonald December 12, 1849 in Pont,MS. He died aft. 1855 in Pont,MS. Sarah McDonald.

Children of William M Paschall and Sarah McDonald are:

1. William Harrison Paschall, b. October 26, 1852 See William Harrison Paschall & Marunea OR William Harrison Paschall & Nancy Selena Lewis OR William Harrison Paschall & Retta Jimmie Bates OR William Harrison Paschall & Mary Elizabeth Ford OR William Harrison Paschall & Cora M Wilson
2. Sarah A Paschall, b. 1852
3. Nancy Paschall, b. 1855

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Notes for William M Paschall:

!1840 Abbe/SC 00001-23001 p20
1843 Abbe/SC Will of Geo Pettigrew, marr of dau, Jane
1850 Pont/MS #475-wife/2 dau's
1860 Pont/MS #495-widow/3 ch
1975 Coll of SC Gene and Fam Rec's by Rev Silas Lucas; Pettigrew

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