Ambrose Hutchinson Paschall, son of Samuel Dennis Paschall and Georgia A Hutcherson , was born April 16,1859 in Putn,GA. He married Ava Elizabeth Hawkins 1888. He died January 28, 1924 in Bald,GA. Ava Elizabeth Hawkins was born June 30, 1870 in Putn,GA. She died March 16, 1962 in ,GA.

Children of Ambrose Hutchinson Paschall and Ava Elizabeth Hawkins are:

1. Luta Elizabeth Paschall, b. in June, 1889
2. William Dennis Paschall, b. April 20, 1891 See William Dennis Paschall & Pauline McMullen
3. Ambrose Hutchinson Paschall, b. in September, 1893
4. Charles Goode Paschall, b. in September, 1895 See Charles Goode Paschall & unk
5. Ava Elizabeth Paschall, b. in November, 1897

Notes for Ambrose Hutchinson Paschall:

!1880 Putn/GA Johnsons #313-in house with brother
1900 Putn/GA Garland-wife/5 ch
1999 Info fr Wm Dennis Paschal, III, of Liburn, GA

Notes for Ava Elizabeth Hawkins:

Notes for Luta Elizabeth Paschall:

Notes for Ambrose Hutchinson Paschall:

Notes for Ava Elizabeth Paschall:

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