Dennis T Paschall, son of Anderson Paschall and Sally M Twitty , was born 1804 in Warren,NC. He married Sarah W Hillyard January 19, 1824 in Granville,NC. He died in February, 1849 in Granville,NC. Sarah W Hillyard.

Children of Dennis T Paschall and Sarah W Hillyard are:

1. William V Paschall, b. October 20, 1824 See William V Paschall & Mary A Spencer
2. Edwin P Paschall, b. 1828 See Edwin P Paschall & Mary E Kittrell
3. Sarah T Paschall, b. 1830 See Alexander Farrar Spencer & Sarah T Paschall
4. Ellen Ray Paschall, b. 1832 See Benton Ray & Ellen Ray Paschall
5. Martha A Paschall, b. 1834 See Samuel Ferrell & Martha A Paschall
6. Lunsford A Paschall, b. 1838 See Lunsford A Paschall & Fanny B Landis

Notes for Dennis T Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Thos W Norman
1824 Warr/NC DB 23 p399 in Gran, bought blacks
1840 Gran/NC 101011-022001 p96 #78; son in wrong age column?
1850 Gran/NC Ledge of Rock-widow/2 ch
1850 Gran/NC Ct Rec, estate proceeding names children
1852 Gran/NC News, widow marr Thomas Bennett of TN; Jul 28
1860 Gran/NC Oxford #64-widow/son; also R J Paschall, 25; had store
1987 Paschall bulletin #41; publ Ct Rec, no date, c1850

Notes for Sarah W Hillyard:

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