William R Paschall, son of Samuel Dennis Paschall and Frances Cochran , was born April 09,1804 in NC. He married Mary Ann Ingram June 09, 1831 in Morg,GA. He died January 19, 1863 in Putn,GA. Mary Ann Ingram.

Children of William R Paschall and Mary Ann Ingram are:

1. Samuel Dennis Paschall, b. July 16, 1832 See Samuel Dennis Paschall & Georgia A Hutcherson
2. William C Paschall, b. August 31, 1839 See William C Paschall & Mary M Kimbrough
3. James M Paschall, b. November 03, 1841
4. Nancy Carrie Paschall, b. December 03, 1844 See John W Davis & Nancy Carrie Paschall
5. Martha J Paschall, b. February 14, 1847 See Calvin Kimbrough & Martha J Paschall
6. Rebecca Frances Paschall, b. April 11, 1849 See Asa Monroe Marshall & Rebecca Frances Paschall
7. Benjamin Ingram Paschall, b. May 14, 1851 See Benjamin Ingram Paschall & Carrie L Bailey
8. Ann Paschall, b. May 14, 1851
9. Elisha Corley Paschall, b. March 10, 1857 See Elisha Corley Paschall & Mattie Turner OR Elisha Corley Paschall & Maggie

Notes for William R Paschall:

!1840 Putn/GA 221011-020011 p185
1850 Putn/GA p295-wife/6 ch; rich
1860 Putn/GA p372-wife/6 ch; rich; born NC?
1872 Morg/GA Named in brother's will of 1845
1926 Chart of Charles G in PFR files
1935 Upso/GA Bible of Benj Moseley; by Mrs A Weaver

Notes for Mary Ann Ingram:

Notes for James M Paschall:

Notes for Ann Paschall:

!Note: No death date in Bible?

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