Virgil Homer Paschall, son of John Paschall and Mary Pace , was born May 15,1837 in Morg,GA. He married Harriet Glen Floyd October 18, 1865. He died June 11, 1911 in Putn,GA. Harriet Glen Floyd.

Children of Virgil Homer Paschall and Harriet Glen Floyd are:

1. Martha Augusta Paschall, b. October 03, 1866 See Shelton H Jester & Martha Augusta Paschall OR Henry Robert Reese & Martha Augusta Paschall
2. James Henry Paschall, b. February 28, 1868 See James Henry Paschall & Narcissa T Hudson
3. Gertrude Paschall, b. December 07, 1869 See William Williams & Gertrude Paschall
4. Eunice Lee Paschall, b. October 02, 1871 See Charles P Barron & Eunice Lee Paschall
5. John Floyd Paschall, b. March 02, 1873 See John Floyd Paschall & Grace Bagwell
6. Homer Theodore Paschall, b. August 20, 1875 See Homer Theodore Paschall & Martha Emma Huff
7. Lucy Hubert Paschall, b. April 22, 1880 See Charles M Hudson & Lucy Hubert Paschall
8. Mary Beulah Paschall, b. March 12, 1884 See Clarence W Spivey & Mary Beulah Paschall

Notes for Virgil Homer Paschall:

!1861 Nat Arch M253 pt369 in GA CSA as V M and Homer V
1870 Morg/GA #1303-wife/3 ch; farmer; as Homer V
1880 Putn/GA Castle #308-wife/7 ch
1900 Putn/GA has 2 dau's
1989 LDS IGI files, birth

Notes for Harriet Glen Floyd:

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