Pinkney Anderson Paschall, son of William Paschall and Nancy Paschall , was born November 02,1852 in Rockingham,NC. He married Sarah E Kennon September 29, 1874 in Rockingham,NC. He died June 13, 1936 in Rockingham,NC. Sarah E Kennon.

Children of Pinkney Anderson Paschall and Sarah E Kennon are:

1. Sallie Jane Paschall, b. May 03, 1875 See Albin Haney & Sallie Jane Paschall
2. Samuel Pinkney Paschall, b. November 29, 1877 See Samuel Pinkney Paschall & Lucy Williams
3. Loyd Bodenheimer Paschall, b. May 08, 1884 See Loyd Bodenheimer Paschall & Dora Tate
4. Eddie Diamond Paschall, b. September 26, 1885 See Eddie Diamond Paschall & Mattie Tate
5. James Walter Paschall, b. March 08, 1887 See James Walter Paschall & Lillie D Stadler
6. John Frank Paschall, b. August 08, 1890 See John Frank Paschall & Lula Fondie Stover
7. Eugene Sidney Paschall, b. January 12, 1893 See Eugene Sidney Paschall & Allene B Black
8. Maggie A Paschall, b. in September, 1897 See John Wall & Maggie A Paschall
9. Dora M Paschall, b. in March, 1898

Notes for Pinkney Anderson Paschall:

!1880 Rock/NC Oregon #65-wife/son
1900 Rock/NC wife/7 ch/dau-in-law
1910 Rock/NC wife/4 ch/dau-in-law

Notes for Sarah E Kennon:

Notes for Dora M Paschall:

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