Green L Paschall, son of Seth W Paschall and Elizabeth R Tate , was born March 28,1849 in Rockingham,NC. He married Sibia Ellington December 26, 1871 in Rockingham,NC. He died January 11, 1922 in Guilford,NC. Sibia Ellington.

Children of Green L Paschall and Sibia Ellington are:

1. Sallie Paschall, b. 1874
2. Fannie Paschall, b. 1875
3. Albert Blalock Paschall, b. in November, 1876 See Albert Blalock Paschall & Ida Bell Burton
4. Robert L Paschall, b. in October, 1878 See Robert L Paschall & Patty McAllister
5. Ethel Paschall, b. in June, 1885 See unk Holt & Ethel Paschall
6. William J Paschall, b. May 22, 1886 See William J Paschall & Stella Farron
7. Green Hassell Paschall, b. in April, 1888
8. Allie W Paschall, b. in July, 1894
9. Della F Paschall, b. 1900 See David Jones & Della F Paschall

Notes for Green L Paschall:

!1880 Rock/NC Oregon #320-wife/4 ch
1900 Rock/NC Reidsville-wife/5 ch
1910 Guil/NC wife/3 ch
1922 Guil/NC Death Bk 9 p647; names parents
1922 Guil/NC Primitive Baptist Ch, burial

Notes for Sibia Ellington:

Notes for Sallie Paschall:

Notes for Fannie Paschall:

Notes for Green Hassell Paschall:

Notes for Allie W Paschall:

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