William Ashmore Paschall, son of Isaiah A Paschall and Patience Ashmore , was born in January, 1825 in Upso,GA. He married Martha Ann Roberts April 13, 1848 in Linc,GA. He died aft. 1910 in Laud,TN. Martha Ann Roberts.

Children of William Ashmore Paschall and Martha Ann Roberts are:

1. Valerious Isaiah Paschall, b. January 26, 1849 See Valerious Isaiah Paschall & Margaret A Addison
2. Georiann Eliza Paschall, b. June 11, 1850
3. Mary Jane Paschall, b. December 23, 1851 See Solomon Holden & Mary Jane Paschall
4. Savanah Eliza Paschall, b. March 19, 1855 See John T Jones & Savanah Eliza Paschall
5. Willie Josephine Paschall, b. December 02, 1858
6. William Haywood Paschall, b. November 06, 1860
7. Patience Hettie Paschall, b. February 22, 1863 See R H Osborne & Patience Hettie Paschall
8. Jeremiah West Paschall, b. February 22, 1863
9. Thomas Benjamin Paschall, b. August 16, 1866 See Thomas Benjamin Paschall & Alice R

Notes for William Ashmore Paschall:

!1850 Linc/GA p357-wife/2 ch
1860 Linc/GA Wynns dist #185-wife/7 ch
1870 Laud/TN 3rd dist-wife/5 ch; farmer
1875 Laud/TN Letter to father, lists ch; in Rosa's book
cont 12 ch listed; 3 di-yng not listed here
1900 Laud/TN 3rd-wife/dau/gson
1910 Laud/TN Cen
1969 Paschal Gene by Rosa Paschal

Notes for Martha Ann Roberts:

Notes for Georiann Eliza Paschall:

Notes for Willie Josephine Paschall:

Notes for William Haywood Paschall:

Notes for Jeremiah West Paschall:

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