William Thomas Paschall, son of John T Paschall and Mary Cook , was born March 08,1830 in Will,TN. He married Margaret P 1854. He died February 01, 1918 in Brow,TX. Margaret P .

Children of William Thomas Paschall and Margaret P are:

1. John C Paschall, b. 1855
2. Mary E Paschall, b. 1858
3. Ellen A Paschall, b. 1863
4. Florence E Paschall, b. in January, 1865
5. William A Paschall, b. in January, 1866 See William A Paschall & Fannie Otto
6. Robert E Paschall, b. 1868
7. Margaret Paschall, b. 1875 See T K Gaines & Margaret Paschall

Notes for William Thomas Paschall:

!1860 Park/TX #191-wife/2 ch
1864 Park/TX Enl CSA Mar 19, age 37; 18 days service
1870 Hays/TX p196 #120-wife/6 ch
1880 Llan/TX 3rd-widower/5 ch
1900 Llan/TX 3rd-widower/dau/gdau/gson/ggson
1910 Cole/TX Living with gson, Malcom Wilson
1990 TX Confed Index, has enlistment

Notes for Margaret P :

Notes for John C Paschall:

Notes for Mary E Paschall:

Notes for Ellen A Paschall:

Notes for Florence E Paschall:

Notes for Robert E Paschall:

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