John Leverett Paschall, son of Thomas Paschall and Anne Leverett , was born January 14,1811 in Linc,GA. He married Mary Holiday August 29, 1835 in Wilk,GA. He died 1877 in Linc,GA. Mary Holiday.

Children of John Leverett Paschall and Mary Holiday are:

1. Martha Ann Paschall, b. 1836 See Alfred Sturges & Martha Ann Paschall
2. Miriam Amelia Paschall, b. February 07, 1838 See James Wilson & Miriam Amelia Paschall
3. Thomas Holliday Paschall, b. August 13, 1839 See Thomas Holliday Paschall & Lucy Smith
4. William Jones Paschall, b. March 26, 1846 See William Jones Paschall & Mary Elizabeth White OR William Jones Paschall & Emily L Tully

Other Marriages for John Leverett Paschall:

Notes for John Leverett Paschall:

!1840 Linc/GA 10001-20001 p211 184th
1841 Wilk/GA Holliday cem, 1st wife burial; as Mary Ann Jane; Sep 28
1850 Linc/GA p356-wife/4 ch
1852 Wilk/GA Ct Rec Annul returns Bk; gdn of his ch
1857 Wilk/GA ditto p368; pd son-in-laws, son; also 1858
1860 Linc/GA Wynns dist #179-wife/3 ch
1870 Colu/GA p169 59, GA; index
1880 McDu/GA Thomson #134-widow/2 sons
1895 Barksdale Gene by Sarah D Hubert; Jones

Notes for Mary Holiday:

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