David B Paschall, son of William Paschall and Nancy Paschall , was born December 05,1857 in Rockingham,NC. He married Ruth A Loftus September 18, 1889 in Rockingham,NC. He died September 25, 1949 in Rockingham,NC. Ruth A Loftus.

Children of David B Paschall and Ruth A Loftus are:

1. Harvey Harris Paschall, b. June 26, 1890 See Harvey Harris Paschall & Martha May Husky
2. Charles B Paschall, b. November 24, 1894 See Charles B Paschall & Nettie Haney
3. David Franklin Paschall, b. November 14, 1895 See David Franklin Paschall & Bertha Chilton Ware
4. Robert William Paschall, b. March 03, 1898 See Robert William Paschall & Margaret Lee Fargis
5. Adolphus James Paschall, b. August 02, 1900 See Adolphus James Paschall & Martha Ann Knowles
6. Lizzie Paschall, b. 1903
7. Vester B Paschall, b. 1908 See Vester B Paschall & R H Moon

Other Marriages for David B Paschall:

Notes for David B Paschall:

!1880 Rock/NC Oregon #66-wife
1900 Rock/NC wife/6 ch
1910 Rock/NC wife/6 ch
1945 Rock/NC Death notice, Ruth-names her parents
1949 Rock/NC New Hope Prim Bapt Ch, burial
1949 Rock/NC Death notice-names father

Notes for Ruth A Loftus:

Notes for Lizzie Paschall:

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