John Paschall, son of William Paschall and Reliance Dennis , was born 1729 in Middlesex,NJ. He married Isabella 1757 in Granville,NC. He died 1776 in Granville,NC. Isabella .

Children of John Paschall and Isabella are:

1. Reliance Paschall, b. abt. 1762 See James Burchett & Reliance Paschall
2. James Paschall, b. 1758 See James Paschall & Mary A Burchett
3. Silas Paschall, b. October 08, 1760 See Silas Paschall & Lina Taylor OR Silas Paschall & Eliza Blalock OR Silas Paschall & Winney Mayfield
4. Samuel Paschall, b. 1770
5. John M Paschall, b. abt. 1773 See John M Paschall & unk

Notes for John Paschall:

!1754 Gran/NC Militia list-married?
1755 Gran/NC TL Named with father and 5 bro's
1761 Gran/NC DB D p313 354a Deep Cr; land from father
1762 Gran/NC DB E p342 Adaman to John, 300 acres; Deep Cr
1762 Gran/NC DB G p101 Ld grant 700 acres; G p313 sold grant
1763 Gran/NC DB F p327 sold 220 acres to James Buchannon: wit, Isaiah
1767 Gran/NC TL also bro's Isaiah & Elisha
1769 Gran/NC TL 1 poll
1771 Gran/NC TL 2 polls
1777 Gran/NC WB 1-148 Inventory; son, James & bro, Isaiah, adm'rs; Jan
1777 Gran/NC Ct Rec; Widow accepts Isaiah as admr; Feb 3
1780 Gran/NC DB O p192 Widow; land to S Turner; signed x
1781 Gran/NC TL widow, Isabella, 617 pounds
1782 Gran/NC TL widow, Isabella, stock, 18 pounds
1969 Paschal Gene by Rosa Paschal; has errors
1986 Letters fr/to Mrs Mabel Hartling, San Antonio, TX
1987 Letters fr/to Mrs Berniece Coyle, Lewisville, TX
Note: First wife or dau named Jemmia; fr deed to bro, Elisha

by Clarence McDaniel Jun 1995

John was born about 1729, most likely in Middlesex County, NJ. There is
every indication that John was named for one of the Paschall line,
perhaps the brother of William,C.

John's first record is found in the 1754 Militia list of Granville
County. He was apparently married by this time as he is listed in a
different company than his father. John was also named in the 1755 tax
list of Granville along with his father and five of his brothers.

In 1762, John obtained a grant of 700 acres of land from North Carolina
that was adjacent to the land his father had given him in 1761. This land
and another 300 acres purchased by John are the subjects of several deeds
by him.

There are no records yet found to show the year John married or whom he
married. A Granville court record has been recently accessed which
indicates his widow's name was Isabella. There is also a deed record in
which John and a Jemina Paschall were witnesses. This could be a first
wife or more likely a daughter. There are two deeds that name Isabella
in the 1780's. She was still living at this time in the area of John's
farm. These two female names are the only ones known to be associated
with this line. In 1815, James Burchett, Smith Co, TN, had a probate
sale, his widow was Reliance. The E-line of John had moved to this
county. I think Reliance was the daughter of John.

John died, apparently intestate, in the late fall of 1776. His estate
was administered by his brother, Isaiah. We assume from this that John's
older sons were underage, however, James,E1, appears to have been of
legal age by late 1777. The estate administration bond filed by Isaiah
also co-names James. James may have been of age but likely too
inexperienced to handle the estate singly. The document that names
Isabella as John's widow is her permission to the court for the
appointment of Isaiah as administrator. This could be interpreted to
indicate that Isabella was not the first wife of John and thus not the
mother of James, E1.

John was the first of William's sons to die. He was only about
forty-nine at this time. His death appears to have been unexpected, but
he was not likely a victim of the war. The estate proceedings of this
time do not give much additional information. John had about twenty
years of married life and his widow, Isabella, survived him.Thus it would
be normal to expect he had a family of eight to ten children. It is
entirely likely that the births of these children would go right up to
the year John died. From the state census of 1786 and the federal census
of 1800 we can piece together some idea of the size of John's family and
the birth years of the children. Any male Paschall in the area becoming
of age at this time would be a candidate for this line and may have had
younger brothers and sisters and an older female in the household. We do
find such a male ,named John, and he has been designated John, E4. This
John was born about 1772 and is found in the same district with the other
sons. John's family as we now have it consists of three known sons and
this assumed fourth son. The entire E-line had left Granville County by
1807, James, E1, going to South Carolina and the others to Smith
County, TN. A description of these children follows:


There is no question that James,E1, was the son of John but it is not
known for certain that he was the oldest. However, James assumed the
legal position of principal heir and guardian because he deeded, in 1777,
a portion of his father's estate to his younger brother, Silas, E2. In
this deed John's land was divided between them which seems to indicate
they were the senior heirs. In another deed of 1799, James deeded land
to his brother, Samuel, E3.

Before the state census of 1786, James, Silas and presumably the rest of
the E-line dependants all left the homeplace and moved west to land James
had bought in Beaver Dam District of Granville County. James had married
Mary Burchett, the daughter of neighbor, Joseph Burchett in 1783.

James had many deed records and some court records in the period
1780-1799. The Granville records show him disposing of land in the late
1790's. James had acquired an official position of constable and perhaps
J.P. from indications in these records.

James seems to have gone to Virginia about 1795, perhaps returning and
then going to Union County, SC, where he is found on the 1800 census.
James apparently returned to Granville about 1806, sold some remaining
land and went west to Bedford County, TN. The 1806 deed said," James of
South Carolina...". We take this to mean he was present in Granville but
had recently been resident in South Carolina.

James, E1, and not his son, James, E13, appeared on the 1811 Tax List of
Bedford County, TN. Two other sons Asa and Eli were also on this list.
James, E13, who was born in the late 1790's in Virginia was too young for
the 1811 list but appears on the later tax lists and records of Bedford


Silas, according to a Bible record of descendants, was born on October
8, 1760. He was apparently the second oldest son. He married: (1) Jina
Taylor in 1787, (2) Eliza Blalock in 1792 and, (3) Winifred Mayfield in
1800. These marriages are recorded by bonds in Granville County. He
appears in the 1800 census with a mixed family and perhaps an, as yet,
unidentified brother. Silas with brothers, Samuel and John moved to
Smith County, TN, about 1806 and they are listed on the 1820 census
there. Silas died on September 1, 1833 but did not leave a will.
Samuel, E3, named several of the younger children of Silas in his will in
1815. The older children of Silas have been identified from association.
Silas is thought to have been the father of John H, E21, who moved to
Sumter County, AL, then to Itwamba County, MS, and by 1871 was living in
Sanford County, AL.


Samuel was born sometime between 1762 and 1774 as near as we know. He
received some land from his brother, James, in 1799 and is listed in
the 1800 Granville County census, living alone. He was mentioned in
Smith County, TN, Court Minutes on a tax matter in 1807. He made a will
which was probated in Smith County in 1815. From the will we conclude
that Samuel most likely never married and died without issue. He left
his estate to the younger children of his brother, Silas. Samuel
enlisted for the War of 1812 and his military records show he died while
in that service, giving the date of death.


John was born about 1772-1776 and died in 1835 in Smith County, TN. He is
assigned as a son of John by lifelong association with the other
brothers. John was on the 1800 census of Granville County, NC,as the head
of a household. We suspect he had living with him his mother and perhaps
a wife , child and sisters. He seems to have married about 1794 but no
bond has been located. He was a witness in 1803 on a deed to John, I3, of
Warren. He moved with his brothers to Smith County, TN, and was on the
1820 and 1830 censuses. He carried the label, Snr, in these censuses.
It is thought that his wife died and he remarried before the 1830 census.
He died in 1835 and the younger children became the wards of Isaac Moore
and it may be that the second wife was from this family. It is through
estate proceedings and court records that we know the names of the
younger children. John was a volunteer in the War of 1812.


Jemina is listed as a child but only her name is known by being listed as
a witness with John, E,in a deed. She may have married a Joseph Robertson
as a widow by the same name is listed in Warren County probate records.

For many years the number of John Paschals concurrently living in Smith
County, TN, has caused much confusion for searchers. We identify them in
the Smith censuses as:

John,E4 b <1776 Snr in 1820, 1830
John H,E21 b 1791 1820,1830
John,E41 b c1796 Jnr in 1820; 1830 Carroll/TN census

Notes for Isabella :

Notes for Samuel Paschall:

!1797 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam dist 1 poll; 1798 ditto
1799 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam dist 100a 1 poll; 1800 ditto
1799 Gran/NC DB Q p262 fr brother, James,E1
1800 Gran/NC DB Q p543 fr John Buchannon; date?
1800 Gran/NC 00010-0 p520
1801 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam 100a
1802 Gran/NC Ct Min 117a deed fr John Fergerson proved; Feb
1802 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam dist 217a 2 polls
1803 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam 100a 1 poll
1804 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam 200a 1 poll
1805 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam 100a 1 poll
1806 Gran/NC Ct MIn 100a deed to Wm Buchannon proved by John, E4?; Feb
1807 Smit/TN Ct Min discharged from tax, p17
1811 Smit/TN Ct Min juror list, p516
1812 Enl McCory's Regt, W TN Militia, Private; him?
1814 Enl 1st Regt Mounted Gunmen (Dyer's)
1815 Smit/TN War of 1812, milt rec's has date of death
1815 Smit/TN WB will pub PFR #5; bequests to bro's, (Silas) ch
Note: At least 5 Samuel's named for him; E123, E131, E24, E211, E42
cont: All b 1811-1817; two nephews & 3 sons of nephews

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